Terms for mobile messaging

Attention! According to the new rules of operators 01.01.2016 checking sender's name carried out up to 3 weeks.

Temporarily suspended the ability to send SMS to operators in the Russian Federation due to changes in tariff policies and work rules with the names of the sender communication operators MTS and Megafon.

Using products for creating, sending sms-messages and analysis of performance sms-campaign you confirm your complete agree of all the rules of use of the products, including the Rules of sms-campaign.

The length of sms-message

Sms-text messages may consist of alphanumeric characters. Maximum message size — 140 bytes (1120 bits). When you use the latin alphabet and numbers, you can send messages up to 160 characters. When you use the keyboard in an 8-bit encoding (German, French), you can send messages up to 140 characters. To support other national alphabets (Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) is used 2-byte (16-bit) encoding and the length of one sms-message can not exceed 70 characters.

In case of the transmitted text exceeds the standard length of sms-messages, the message is splits into parts, each part is sent and tariffed as a separate sms-message.

The cost of sms-messages

The current cost for transfer of one sms-messages to the network of operator in the particular country, you can see on page Prices.

The total cost of one sms-campaign is the sum of the cost of transferring the complete message to each recipient, given the cost of transmission of SMS messages to the recipient operator's network.


You are agree to use the mail lists containing personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and personal information only with the consent of the owners of such data to receive your campaign and such storage and using of their personal data by registering such databases or data sets, if it's required by the applicable laws of the country, where you a resident and represented by you company or organization or in the territory of which you conduct activities. Detailed information about the consent given in the general Terms and Conditions of the use the Products item 5.2.

Required contents

To ensure the opportunity to subscriber of sms-campaign refuse to receive the campaigns in the text of messages necessary presence of the contact information: your contact phone number or for subscribers whose data were obtained by registering on your website, can be specified web site, if it's help to the subscriber to refuse from receiving campaign.

The sender name (alphanumeric name)

Alphanumeric name can be up to 11 characters long and contain only numbers and letters of the latin alphabet.

In alphanumeric names are not allowed:

  • symbols {|,; % ' # % ! ^ = [ ] () \ / ~ < >}”
  • names of mobile operators and their derivatives;
  • obscene words;
  • phone numbers;
  • short numbers;
  • names (Vasya, Masha и т. д.);
  • pointless sequence of letters and numbers (ght, asdf… etc);
  • common names (sms, email, etc.) that is not a trademark of the sender.

Alphanumeric name must clearly identify the sender, be an individual and must point to specific names and names of business of the sender (company name, website, design, brand name).

If the meaning of alphanumeric name matches with the name or part of the name brand, you need to confirm the rights to use it in the form of an official letter from the brand name owner or an agreement with the owner of the brand name, which indicates the right to use such name of sender.

If the meaning of alphanumeric name matches with the name of the company or organization, you must provide from this company or organization with an official letter of permission to use the name of company as the sender name, which intends to use it as a signature of the sender of sms-campaign.

The limit for sending messages

Forbidden content

  • Forbidden SMS-campaign of advertising the content services.
  • It is forbidden to mention short numbers in SMS text.
  • Forbidden offers with sending sms or phone call to the short number, if the company which send sms-campaign is not the company providing the service on this short number.

In the text messages is forbidden to mention or transfer:

  • appeals to violence or to the threat;
  • political agitation;
  • appeals for mass gatherings;
  • profanity;
  • themes of religion, racism, terrorism;
  • false information, or that which can be regarded as a fraud;
  • link to a site containing «adult content»;
  • advertising of services «for adults».

Time of sending

According to the rules of ethics of mobile marketing and requirements of mobile operator sending of advertising messages is limited by time of day: Weekdays — 10:00 — 20:00, on weekends from 10:00 — 18:00.

Round the clock can be sent only service messages, mobile banking messages, taxi service and only from accounts whose owners have previously received the right to send messages without restrictions on time of day, by making a request to support support@feedgee.com to enable system messages (notifications which don't contain advertising) at any time.