How to export subscribers?

The export function is available for subscribers of paid accounts.

As a subscribers of the free account, you can export a mailing list next way:

  1. Go to the section «Mail lists» and opposite your mailing list, click on the button «Delete».
  2. After this, go to the section «Subscribers» and at the right top opposite «Removed active», click on the button «Export» and all of your subscribers will be saved.

Does FEEDGEE provide mail lists for rent?

FEEDGEE doesn't provide mail lists for rent. Using email addresses for subscription without properly received subscription consent from email address owner is stricktly phohibited by our Anti Spam Policy. User Accounts with activities violating Anti Spam policy will be blocked without possibility to restore access in future and without any compensations for prepaid services.

According our Anti-Spam Policy you can not use contacts without prior consent received from address owner to subscribe to your newsletter. We provide only tools and infrastructure for managing your email marketing, but we don't support you with email addresses of subscribers.

Using a database of email addresses withour consent to receive your newsletter will not help to create a positive effect for your business, but will be evaluated as spam and violation of the service Terms and Anti-Spam Policy.

To quickly BUILD your own mail lists you can:

  1. Generate subscription form for your website — it will allow receive emails with subscribtion consent right from your website pages automatically to your mail list. To create subscription form code for the mail list click on — «Generate subscription form code» link.
  2. Include to your business communications rule to ask customers and prospects for consent to suscribe for your newsletter. It can be done by filling questionnaire, confirming subscription as option in contract, checking 'subscribe for newsletter' option in user account etc.
  3. If you already have a list of emails with subscription consent (in CRM, database website, accounting software, etc.), you can import this data into your mailing lists from excel, csv, xml files or by API.

How to disable FEEDGEE referal links in messages?

FEEDGEE referal links are added by default to bottom of every message sent from freemium accounts. To disable adding these links you need to uprada account level ordering either Subscription or email-credits .

You can calculate better upgrade option for your sending volume and number of subscribers choosing between different Subscriptions and Pay As You Go options using our Price calculator.

To upgrade your subscription level make order in your account «Billing» page.

How subscription consent was received?

«How subscription consent was received» reminder is a necessary attribute for newsletter massage. This subscription consent reminder should contain a short and clear description about where and how recepient had agreed to receive your newsletter. Clear reminder will help to retain your subscribers subscribed longer and will lower unsubscribe and spam report rates.

To add «How subscription consent was received» description in Mail lists section on the particular List page fill Subscription Consent field.

Example of subscription reminder explanation:

Hello! You receive our newsletter, because you had previously opted-in for our news and offers at www. If you have decided to stop subscription for our newsletter, just click the Unsubscribe Me Now link. We can also pause your subscription for required period. Please let us know about it to our support @ Thanks a lot!

How many messages can I send from Freemium account?

From account with freemium subscription, you can send to 3 000 unique subscribers up to 15 000 messages per month.

If you need to send messages to more subscribers or your sending volume is higher than allowed in Freemium youneed to upgrade your account subscription to:

  • monthly subscription (you can choose between different monthly sending volume options);
  • email-credits (Pay As You Go option).

If you choose Subscription for period more than 2 month subscription price comes with discount:

  • 10% off montly price for prepaid 3 months subscription
  • 20% off montly price for prepaid 6 months subscription
  • 30% off montly price for prepaid 12 months subscription

Calculate price for your subscription using out Price calculator. You can manage account subscription level in Billing account section.

Can I send sms for free with my Freemium subscription?

Freemium allowes to send for free only email messages. To send short text messages (SMS) you need upgrade your account with SMS-credits (1 credit = 1 SMS message 160 lathin symbols and numbers sized or 70 symbols if any non lathin symbols included in the message).

Please read more about prices and terms for sms on Prices page. You can upgrade your account with sms-credits in «Billing» menu of your account.

What is the maximum size for email message?

Maximum message size is 50Kb for freemium accounts, and 500Kb accounts with upgraded subscriptions. This limit does not affect your ability to use images of any size in your html.

How much information can contain 50Kb?

50 kb of text can contain 15 pages book of 85 paragraphs. With rich html formating it can be a page of several scroling down screens in height.

Remember about some reasonal limits like Gmail shows by default only first 100Kb of HTML in your message, your suscribers can also read your messages on mobile devices, so keep in mind that message of smaller size load faster.

Why unsubscribe link doesn't work in test message and campaign preview?

Unsubscribe Link in campaign preview an in test message will not work because preview and test message is not linked to a particular subscriber's profile.

When you send campaign in it's every message unsubscribe link will work properly being linked to subscriber's profile for the recepient email address.

Why personalization doesn't appear in test message and in campaign preview?

You send test messages not to subscribers from mail list, but to your testing email accounts not linked to paricular mail list from which service shold take personalization data. In the campaign preview you can not see personalization details but only personalization markers.

In message of campaign which you sens to mail list, [%FirstName%] marker will be replaced with value stored in «FirstName» field for subscriber. If in subscribers profile First Name field is empty [%FirstName%] maker's value in message for such subscriber won't be displayed.

You can test personalization markers sending campaign to mail list of your test emails only with prepopulated values for fields you want to use for personalization.

Why my images doesn't appear in email message?

Usually images are not displayedin email because of following reasons:

  1. You have used in image file name non standart ASCII characters, spaces, special characters.

For example, files with names Картинка123. JPG or мое_фото.png won't be displayed correctly in the most email clients. These files should be renamed so that the name contains only latin characters, numbers, signs «-" and «_".

  1. Image html tag contains an incorrect reference to file location either file wasn't stored in public web directory or not accessible anymore.

For example, <img src = «c:\My Documents\image.jpg> or <img src =" image. jpg>. If you use an image not uploaded with «Image manager» to your feedgee-account, make sure that it is stored in public web directory so, could be viewed in browser.

  1. Check if images preview is allowed in your email client for this message

If you can't figure reason why images are not displayed in a message, send to us link to campaign analytics page and screenshot of message part with brocken image. We'll try to help you.

What means the status "Pause" of the campaign?

If you open a scheduled campaign, it will automatically get paused (status 'Paused' in schedule). This is important in case when you open campaign to change content or settings, so it won't be sent before you save all changes.

To send Paused campaign re-Schedule it or use Send now option. After scheduling campaign you can check it's status in Schedule to be sure that it was unpaused.

Can I send a single campaign to several mail lists?

You can send a single campaign to several mail lists at once only from an upgraded account.

For campaign sent to several mail lists in Analytics you can also separate user responces by mail list. To check campaign analytics for particular mail list uncheck all others mail lists on analytics page.

How to fix import wrong file format error?

To create file for import with correct format please use xls template that can be downloaded from «Import» page for mail list.

The first row must contain field names for data stored in columns. Add new columns names if you need, but dont apply any formating to file — just enter text typing or Paste data with 'unformated text' or 'only values' option.

In case of formating error make sure to escape from any formatting in your file for import:

  1. Create a new xls file
  2. From xls with data, copy data and Paste data with 'unformated text' or 'only values' option it into a new xls (Excel menu «Edit"/"Paste Special"/Option insert — values. So you avoid from entering unnecessary formatting that can creat the problem
  3. Save and Import the new xls

What subscriber's status means and where I can find it?

Subscribers can have different statuses in mail lists. Status indicates whether subscriber is Subscribed or not. If subscriber's status is different to Subscribed it can indicate the reason why subscriber can't receive messages.

Campaign can be sent only for subscribers with Subscribe status in mail list.

Information about the subscription status for a particular subscriber you can find by email or mobile number on Address book page. Total statistics for subscriber statuses in mail list is shown under list of subscribers in paging section.

Example of totals for statuses in mail list: Total: 233 (Subscribed: 225, Unsubscribed: 5, Wrong emails: 3)

How to get a campaign web-version link to publish in social networks?

Use Preview link on schedule campaign page (in campaign master — schedule campaign step) and copy web-version link form address filed in your internet browser. You can publish this link in your social groups and in Twitter.

Can I replace subscribers?


In a account with freemium subscription month you can send campaigns only to first 3000 subscribers added to your account. All subscribers added above will be not active and won't receive your messages. All deleted subscribers we count as active during one month after they were deleted for freemium accounts, so no cheating is possible.

UPGRADED Account with subscription

With subscription you activate amount of subscribers included by subscription size (level). For example Subscrption up to 500 subscribers will activate 500 subscribers from your account and if you have 700 subscribers 200 of them will not be included into subscription and will need upgrade subscription to next level to activate all subscribers.

You can also downgrade your subscription deleting from your account subscribers above level of subscription you need. You can downgrade only after current subscription is ended.


In account with active email credits you can add and delete any of your subscribers anytime without restrictions.

Why into the email message is added the link "Add us to your address book"?

This link leads to a file in vCard format (business card) that contains your data entered in the section «Account Details» and when it open in the mail program add you to the address book of your subscriber.

Messages from senders listed in the address book of subscriber, always get to the Inbox and not detected as spam by the subscriber's email program.

Why campaign wasn't sent to all subscribers in the mail list?

Campaign can be sent only to subscribers with Subscribe status in mail list.

Campaign can not be sent to subscribers with the status Unsubscribed, Wrong email, Paused, Above limit or Inactive. Unsubscribed status can be set by you on subscriber's profile page for mail list or if subscriber click on unsunscribe linkin your message.

What can be an alternative Opt-Out option for my subscribers?

You need to be ready to accept any direct subscribers' Opt-Out (Unsubscribe) requests in your marketing practice. Your subscribers may contact you by phone, email, in Facebook or Twitter, through your support or your sales asking to Opt-Out from your newsletter. It's important for your perspective relations with them to unsubscribe him or her prior you plan to send next campaign, so that they would not receive next marketing mesage from you. This will help you to retain loyalty, build trust to your brand and avoid extra spam reports that can affect your domain reputation.

If you signed up FEEDGEE user you have already agreed with our Terms of Service to unsubscribe such subscriber in your account during next 5 days after you received such Opt-Out request, but strictly before you plan to send next campaign.

To unsubscribe search for email in Subscribers menu of your account and set Unsubscribe status in the subscriber profile.

How to delete my account?

Accounts at FEEDGEE can be deleted upon requests received by our support. Accordingly, to our anti-spam and security rules such accounts first will be blocked for a trial period that secures our ability to respond to all subscribers' complaints not to have them addressed to us as Service, but to Users only. After such period if no accidents that require any investigation have occurred, accounts are being deleted.

How to add an unsubscribe link to my message?

Unsubscribe link is added to each message automatically.

You can add additional unsubscribe link to your message content. Choose Unsubscribe link option in the message editor Links menu.

or in message html add link with unsubscribe marker: <a href="%UnsubscribeLink%">text for your unsubscribe link</a>.

Is it possible to receive a response on the campaign to an email-address different from the address of sender?

Possible! To do this enough during the creating a campaign click on the link «Reply-To» and enter in the appeared form email-address that you need.