Create a new sms-campaign

To create sms campaign go to section «Create/send» and click on «Create sms campaign».

In the field «From» field choose the created sms sender name (alfaname) choose your mail list, then select the name of the campaign and enter the text of your message and click «Send/Schedule».

In the next window, you can set your campaign in schedule or send it immediately.

Also on planning page you can send a test message to your phone number. To do this in the field «Send Test To», enter the mobile number on which you want to send a test message and click «Send». Attention! When you sending a test message from your account will be charged the amount of SMS-credits that needed to send a one message to a one recipient.

Sms campaign analytics

Collecting the results sent sms-mailing going on in the section «Analytics».

In this section you can see:

Information about campaign:

  • name of the campaign;
  • sms sender name (alphaname);
  • name of mail list;
  • text of the message;
  • date of sending.


  • delivered;
  • bounced.

Item «bounced» provides the information about the number of undelivered messages and reflects the list of the recipients, whom for technical reasons (denied by the operator) could not receive the message.

How to create sms sender's name?

To create a sms sender's name (alphaname) go to section «Account Details» and click on the link «sms sender's name».

In the next window, opposite the «sms sender's name» click «Add».

In the appeared form, enter your name and click «Add».

After that, your name gets on moderation. Moderation of the sender's name passes by operator and may take 1−2 days.