SMS marketing

SMS message — is a great way to instantly deliver information about your events, hot sales, status of order, account balance, notifications about need to extend services and other short messages to your customers.

SMS — it is also a unique way to congratulate the client with holiday (birthday, for example) handed «right in hands» promotional code for a discount, which as a result will be instantly available for use and always will be at the customer hands.

Automatic sending of sms campaigns and notifications

Sending SMS is possible as in the format of mass sms campaign and in the format of individual (transactional) SMS messages.

We provide the opportunity to send sms-notifications and campaigns via API. So you can automatically send sms notifications from your site (for example online shop), program or application.

Alfa name — sms sender name (for free)

The big advantage of the service it's the ability to use the names of the sender instead of faceless telephone numbers. A well-formed name of the sender to the recipient of your SMS messages will immediately let them know that the message came from you and then easier find your messages in the inbox.

We help for free register the name of sender. Demands of mobile operators to the content of the names of sender (alfa names) you can find in the section Rules for SMS-campaign.

Countries of delivery sms

We deliver SMS messages to your customers with mobile numbers operators in Ukraine and Russia.

Read more in the section Support about Work with sms-campaign.

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