Automatic RSS campaign


Do you want to automate the campaign of your news when there are updates in the RSS feed of your website or blog?

It can be the news of site, price updated, new articles of your blog or any other way to use of RSS feeds. You can create an RSS feed based on an update not only your feed, but on update of any other public RSS feeds.

Scheduling RSS-campaign

Automatic sending news

Active RSS feed automatically checks for updates of this RSS feed with the specified frequency and when there are updates sends updates to the content you have into created template of message to the specified mail list.

After activating the RSS feed you don't spend any time on the creation of new news messages! With the RSS feed you can customize your weekly digest with all the important news of the week, so your subscribers will always be in touch with your news, getting completely automatically created message.

RSS-campaign you need configured only one time and in future it won't require any action from your side. Another important advantage of this campaigns is the efficiency of reports of important news to your subscribers.

For each issue of the RSS feed you also get a full personalized analytics, as for normal campaign in the section Analytics.

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