Library of templates

From the experience of our users, we have known that using templates can save an average of 40−50% of time required to create a messages.

Library of templates

In the library of templates of your feedgee-account realized a single way to store templates of different types. In your library of templates we have already uploaded more than 100 templates with ready content structure and templates for popular holidays with a ready design. In this section is very easy to store/create your own templates.

Templates with ready structure

Sometimes you need in the messages of campaign with a same subject place content totally different and apply to it different from the previous message design. In the library of templates you can find ready for filing templates with blocks for different types of content and the opportunity to apply styles from ready collection or choose your own styles.

In these templates are applied one styles for previously designed content types and you won't spend time on a task for assignment of styles. It saves time on creating beautiful messages.

Holiday templates

We have prepared and uploaded to your library of templates holiday templates for the most popular and happy holidays, so you can create a good mood to your subscribers without time-consuming.

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