Email campaigns

Email campaigns is the most budget tool of personal marketing and has many useful features to help organize and monitor the effectiveness of communication with customers.

In your FEEDGEE account you will find the necessary tools to communicate with customers via campaigns and assess interest in the content of your messages.

Email campaign editor

Master of campaigns

You create a messages of email campaign in a understandable visual editor, which will also help you create templates, upload html by link, use templates to create new messages.

Designed templates

Designed templates

An urgent need to send a campaign? Just select the template you like from our library of templates and add into it your own text and pictures.

That's all! Message is ready to be sent.

Personalization of email campaign

Personalized email campaign template

You can use any data of your customers to create personalized content, for example, in a mass campaign appeal to everyone by name, give a personal promotional code, use in the content name of the service or product that the recipient of yourmessage have purchased or create a link with a personal parameter. Such way of personalization the content helps to make communication maximally close and clear via email and also to support the interest in your campaigns.

Compatibility with Google Analytics

Google Analytics
If you are using on your website Google Analytics, FEEDGEE will automatically add in the links of email message, parameters of accounting transition on the site. As a result, in Google Analytics, you can see the traffic for channel email and determine it'sconversion. Depending on your tasks, you can enable or disable this feature for specific camapaigns.

Special links and markers

Design of your messages defines a special place for links to the web-version or to unsubscribe? When you create a message, you will be able to change the location of the links to unsubscribe, specify where display the text how subscription consent was received and determine the location of the link to the web-version or a public archive of campaign that the placement and design of all of these elements maximally match of the design of your message.

Archive of email campaigns

Archive of campaigns

Subscriber have deleted your message? No problem! You can give the ability to view the contents of previous messages via link to Public feed archive of campaigns. Archive of your campaign, we do also available via RSS. What kind of message is displayed in the Public feed you choose by yourself in the section Analytics.

The cost of email campaigns

We did the price on campaigns maximally accessible. You can choose the best way of billing for your number of subscribers, the frequency of sending messages and with discount for the duration or volume. If you send often, pay attention to the Unlimited subscription. Eco Subscription will allow to pay less if you have to send for each subscriber up to 8 messages per month. If you don't regularly send messages to each subscriber, use the email-credits — 1 email-credit = one message. To find a suitable tariff and calculate discounts for long-term use, open our tariff calculator.

& start sending email campaigns up to 3000 subscribers for free