Email analytics

Analytics of email-campaigns

Detailed results of campaign and delivery of individual notifications are always at your fingertips in the section Analytics. This data will help you to improve the efficiency of the next messages and determine which goods and services are interested of your subscribers due to the personalization of opens and clicks. We help determine the geographical location of subscribers, devices and browsers, the reasons of non-delivery and general indicators efficiency of messages and links popularity.

Opens and clicks in the email-campaigns

Opens and clicks

Find out who of your subscribers opened the message and clicked on the link. Evaluate on the graph levels of opens and clicks activity in the interested time interval to choose the best time to send messages.

Map of clicks

Map of clicks and ranking of links

On a visual map of clicks you will see in which part of the messages your links works better and evaluate their effectiveness in the general ranking of links. This information will help you to improve the content of the template and determine the best location for the most important links in the new messages.

The reasons of non-delivery of email-campaign

The reasons of non-delivery

If the message wasn't accepted by the server of subscriber, we will show the reason in the section Analytics to let you know whether it is possible to deliver the new messages at such address. Addresses on which delivery isn't impossible we automatically unsubscribed from the campaign that your mail lists were relevant.

Complaints and rejections

Service considers complaints of subscribers and rejections from campaign and automatically unsubscribe their addresses from receiving your campaigns. We also automatically unsubscribe subscribers who noted your message as spam in mail services such as Mail.Ru, Yandex, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo and others.

Email application

Devices and the email application

We will help you to answer the question for which devices it is necessary to adapt the templates of your messages. In Analytics you can see how many subscribers read messages on mobile devices, tablets and computers, which email applications or services they use. You also can pick out subscribers who use those or other device or program.

Geography of subscribers

Geography of subscribers

If you need to adapt your offers for the customers from a particular city, region, country in the section Analytics you will also find information about the geographical location of subscribers.

For each types of analysis you can get a list of subscribers and use such data to pick out the subscribers in a separate segment with important properties for you.

Data of email analytics is available via the interface of feedgee-account and via the API, so you can get them for use on your website or application.

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