You are not at FORTUNE 500 yet, but considering email as a strategically important channel for work with customer? Or as a perspective, since your audience — thousands of potential customers? We will help you to build up a strategy and business processes that you have achieved your goals. Work with consulting we divide into two main parts — Analysis and Implementation. We detail study your objectives and business to build a work system with your customers considering all the individual characteristics and processes which important to you.


Analysis — is part of the preparatory work which helps to determine the way of achieving goals. You will need to provide In addition to information about goals information about the experience in working with clients. Analysis data of email analystics by using methods of mathematical analysis in order to pick out the most successful approaches, pick out target groups of subscribers, analysis of errors, determination of KPI and adaptation/creation of business process.

For the analysis we can use the data that you have received in any other platforms of the email marketing, collected by yourself.

As a result of our work you will get a road map of process raising the effectiveness of your relationship with your customers via email in the long term perspective.


We will help you to build and control process of strategy implementation. If you need to raise up your competence in the subject areas we can help you to find the necessary experts and the agency to do work of all cycles of the strategy.

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