Email marketing

Email is one of the most powerfull marketing and sales channels. It helps to keep brand's awareness up, measure loaylty, learn about clients personal interests, habbits and environment. All communications are made personal with segmentation, pesonalisation and dynamic content features even within large marketing campaigns batches.

Create and send email-campaigns

Create and send email-campaigns

Create a beautiful email messages in the visual editor or on the basis of more than 100 templates from the library in your account. You can also create and store your own templates and use your html. With the option «load html by link» you can quickly create a message-based on Web-version previously sent campaigns. Read more

Email notifications by your site

Send an email notifications by your site

Send personalized email notification by your sites and applications in response on action of your your customer. It can be information about the status of the order, the appearance of the goods or a letter of Birthday greetings! Read more

rss2email for blog and social networks

Create an automatic RSS campaign of blog

Share news of your site or store, change in the blog via automatic RSS campaign. Once set the template and select the period of automatic check for updates. Read more

Results of analytics of email campaign

Get Email analitics

Only measurable can be improved. We help to measure and personalized feedback of your subscribers on your messages. The data for the evaluation and improvement of customer service are collected in the section Analytics of your account automatically. You know everything — the number of openings and clicks, bounce, how many wasn't delivered and for what reason, the device and the type of programs through of which the message is open and the geographical position of the subscriber. For each indicator you have a list of concrete subscribers and the ability use it for segmentation, copying to another list, export, delete, and etc. Read more

Library of free html templates for email

Use library of templates

Just choose the needed template and insert in it your information. To do this, you don't even need to be an expert in html. Save your time on creating beautiful letters, using a library of more than 100 pre-designed templates. Read more

Trained email-marketing

Trained email-marketing

Keep up to date, new products and successful cases in email-marketing. Email not only accumulated a long history and experience, but also has an interesting future. We always follow the innovations and stories of success and we are happy to share this valuable information with you. Read more

Own strategy and BigData in an email

Create your own strategy and use BigData in an email

With based on data of your email and web analytics we help you to segment your customers in the groups according to individual habits and interests and recommend a strategy to work with them to improve KPI and duration the relationship. Result you get based on the analysis of hundreds of parameters of behavior of subscribers, which can't be obtained by the segmentation of a small number of parameters and the preliminary evaluation technique (RFM analysis). This service is optional and is available under the terms which we will be happy to provide upon your request on Read more

100% authentication. DMARC, DKIM, SPF

Individual address with full mail authentication

Send your campaigns from addresses in the domain of free email service and want to improve the deliverability of your campaigns? Use the unique service — individual name full mail authentication for the reliable delivery of your campaigns in the Inbox. Read more about the rules of using address opens. one.

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