Integration and automation


FEEDGEE API is a special interface for programs that allows you to use all the features of the service in your application, CRM or on the site.

Using the FEEDGEE API, you can create mail lists, import subscribers, create and send email campaigns, receive analytics, create customized subscription forms of different complexity.

Using the API is free for all users of the service. For connection, you will only need to generate an API key in your account.

API integration is carried out by the developers. We are ready to discuss your tasks and requirements in detail in order to offer assistance with the individual connection of your applications, services and API. Write to us about your task at

You can find out more about our API methods in the section FEEDGEE API.

A/B testing (split tests)

Improve the performance of your campaign with A/B testing (split tests). With the help of A/B tests you can send A and B variants campaigns for the test group and based on the results of a small group of users choose the message with the best indicators and send it to all subscribers.

More about A/B testing (split tests).

Dynamic content (dynamic content)

Each of your subscribers has their own interests. Make a unique proposal, valuable to each particular subscriber, in one letter — now is task for a schoolboy.

Using the function of dynamic content, you can deliver clients messages containing information about products that are of interest to a specific recipient.

Learn how to use the dynamic content feature.

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