One account for email and SMS communications

You can send from FEEDGEE account both email and SMS campaigns and transactional messages. All settings and processes including API integrations, templates, domain setting, tests are done at once. Our support, helps to get you on board and deal with any issues during your work.

Price and reliability

We offer email marketing and notifications service at Amazon SES prices level and minimum price for SMS messages with free senders' ID (name). Our several pricing options cover cases for different frequency Senders. Calculate your Price or request custom quotes for high volumes instantly.

Email campaigns and notifications

Sending campaigns and transactional emails was made easy — with simple friendly interface you're able to manage subscribers, create and send emails, receive personalized analytics for both campaigns and transactional messages, use API to automate processes on your application side. Please check our detailed email-marketing features list.

SMS campaigns and notification

Users with clients in Ukraine (+380) can send to them SMS messages and single sms notifications and use free sender I. D. Please check out SMS features list.


Our support and experts are happy to help with any account related issue. We treat support issues from both premium and freemium users with high attention. You will surely get the necessary assistance or advice. More information and support contacts you'll find in Users care.

Documentation and FAQ

You'll find our knowledge base and service documentation in Support and API sections. All docs are being constantly updated along with new features releases.

We also provide FAQ in the Support section to find quick solutions for the most of the issues and appreciate your comments for improvements.

FEEDGEE Main features



and email-credits

Creating mail lists and managing subscribers

creating mail lists yes yes
configure data field of subscriber yes yes
import wizard to specify the conformity of fields yes yes
import and update from Excel files (xls, xlsx) yes yes
import and update from csv, xml yes yes
import from a remote xml-file with authorization yes yes
segmentation of mail lists yes yes
subscription form with option Double Opt-In yes yes
API managing mail lists, download, update and delete subscribers yes yes
export yes yes
API methods for export yes yes


library of pre-design templates yes yes
library of own templates yes yes
column with photo for e-commerce products and news columns yes yes
templates editor yes yes
uploading templates files yes yes
upload templates in the editor by a link yes yes
templates language yes yes

Creating campaigns

visual editor yes yes
messages from your own HTML yes yes
sets of styles of templates yes yes
upload templates in the editor by a link yes yes
personalization subject and content yes yes
markers of personalizations for all data fields of subscriber yes yes
markers web-version links, public feed, page of unsubscribe yes yes
preparation links for Google Analytics yes yes
social links yes yes
store images yes yes
clone campaigns yes yes
API creating campaign yes yes
disable settings of mail authorization yes yes

Sending messages

schedule yes yes
sending test messages yes yes
SPF yes yes
DKIM yes yes
reply-to yes yes
automatically add unsubscribe link yes yes
generation vcf-file to add you to the subscriber address book yes yes
web-version yes yes
public feed yes yes
rss to email campaign yes yes
page of unsubscribed yes yes
API sending campaigns yes yes
additional addresses and name of sender yes yes
campaign to several mail lists yes yes


graphs of activity, diagram of opened/expectation and reason of not delivery yes yes
clicks and opened yes yes
analysis of email programs, applications and devices of subscribers yes yes
filter of applications by which were opened a messages yes yes
geolocation of subscribers and map of effect yes yes
list of subscribers who read messages yes yes
list of subscribers who clicked on links yes yes
list of subscribers who expecting read yes yes
list of subscribers whom campaign was sent yes yes
list of subscribers whom campaign wasn't sent with the analysis of reason yes yes
list of subscribers who unsubscribed yes yes
calculation of CTR, CTOR active links in the messages yes yes
FBL reports yes yes
API methods for analytics yes yes
links popularity heat map yes yes
export of list from the Analytics yes yes
analytics of the campaign sent to a several mail lists yes yes
analytics of the campaign sent to several lists for each list separately yes yes
API for export lists from analytics yes yes

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