Welcome to FEEDGEE API

FEEDGEE API is our programm interface for your site and applications to your feedgee-account features and resources. Use FEEDGEE API to integrate with us to automate your mail lists syncronization, create/send campaigns and transactional messages, receiving campaign analytics for your subscribers behaviour and preferences learning.

Our API methods are grouped in relation to main processes

API for Freemium accounts don't support export features.

For API integration create your access key API Key. API key you can generate in your account menu Account Details → API Keys. For security you can generate several API keys to access API from separate applications and deactivate key in case it got discredited or you need to stop application to use your account resources.

Attention! Remember to keep your API keys in secret and avoid using them in your site html code or in application configs or in other public sources where keys can be discovered by users, because your API keys provide full access to features and resources of your account.

FEEDGEE API (version 1.0)

methods USE

You can call API methods in HTTP-requests build like following URL



  • Method — method name
  • APIKEY — your API key
  • arg1 … argN — arguments (can be different set for each method)
  • ARG1 … ARG_N — argument values (can be different set for each method)
  • OUTPUT — optional argument. Use it if you need output in json format. Without specifying it by default output will be in XML format

Make sure that you include in request all arguments for method (except OUTPUT). Optional arguments can be added without set values​​, but MUST be included into request. For optional argument without specifyed value service automatically sets it's default value (usualy NULL).


Description for methods contains syntax and request form, structure and examples of output values​​, request examples in PHP and SOAP.

Using POST, GET requests

All passed values ​​must be in UTF-8.
You can choose between GET and POST requests
For better API KEY security is recommended to pass it in POST-requests.

requests TYPES

  • API supports JSON, SOAP, JSONP requests;
  • When you make JSON POST request all values ​​of arguments must be quoted accordingly to JSON format requirements;
  • API supports asynchronous requests (AJAX) in JSONP;
  • It is possible to place output data right into call to a client function;
  • Example of the called function: someCallback (d:{ one: «1», two: «2» });
  • To get data in JSONP format you need add your function-callback name in which output data will be «wrapped». Request link for example above will look like following


Partnership and support

If you have questions about API, please contact our support. We will be happy to hear your recommendations and suggestions for our future API development and to support your integrations with third party's SaaS, software and mobile applications.

Error codes

general system error

ServerError_MethodUnknown -32601
ServerError_InvalidParameters -32602
Unknown_Exception -99
Request_TimedOut -98
Zend_Uri_Exception -92
PDOException -91
Avesta_Db_Exception -91
XML_RPC2_Exception -90
XML_RPC2_FaultException -90
Too_Many_Connections -50
Parse_Exception 0

access ERRORS (100)

User_Unknown 100
ApiKey_Disabled 101
User_DoesNotExist 102
User_NotApproved 103
Invalid_ApiKey 104
User_UnderMaintenance 105
Invalid_AppKey 106
Invalid_IP 107
User_DoesExist 108
User_ReputationNotEnough 109


User_InvalidAction 120
User_MissingEmail 121
User_CannotSendCampaign 122
User_MissingModuleOutbox 123
User_ModuleAlreadyPurchased 124
User_ModuleNotPurchased 125
User_NotEnoughCredit 126
MC_InvalidPayment 127
User_IncompleteDetails 128

errors FOR MAIL lists AND SUBSCRIBERS (200)

List_DoesNotExist 200
//210: List — Basic Actions
List_InvalidInterestFieldType 210
List_InvalidOption 211
List_InvalidUnsubMember 212
List_InvalidBounceMember 213
List_AlreadySubscribed 214
List_NotSubscribed 215
//220: List — Import Related
List_InvalidImport 220
MC_PastedList_Duplicate 221
MC_PastedList_InvalidImport 222
//230: List — Email Related
Email_AlreadySubscribed 230
Email_AlreadyUnsubscribed 231
Email_NotExists 232
Email_NotSubscribed 233
Phone_NotExists 234
//250: List — Merge Related
List_MergeFieldRequired 250
List_CannotRemoveEmailMerge 251
List_Merge_InvalidMergeID 252
List_TooManyMergeFields 253
List_InvalidMergeField 254
//270: List — Interest Group Related
List_InvalidInterestGroup 270
List_TooManyInterestGroups 271

errors FOR campaigns (300)

Campaign_DoesNotExist 300
Campaign_StatsNotAvailable 301
//310: Campaign — Option Related Errors
Campaign_InvalidAbsplit 310
Campaign_InvalidContent 311
Campaign_InvalidOption 312
Campaign_InvalidStatus 313
Campaign_NotSaved 314
Campaign_InvalidSegment 315
Campaign_InvalidRss 316
Campaign_InvalidAuto 317
MC_ContentImport_InvalidArchive 318
Campaign_BounceMissing 319
Campaign_NotScheduled 320
//330: Campaign — Ecomm Errors
Invalid_EcommOrder 330
//350: Campaign — Absplit Related Errors
Absplit_UnknownError 350
Absplit_UnknownSplitTest 351
Absplit_UnknownTestType 352
Absplit_UnknownWaitUnit 353
Absplit_UnknownWinnerType 354
Absplit_WinnerNotSelected 355

errors FOR ANALYTICS (500)

//500: Generic Validation Errors
Invalid_Analytics 500
Invalid_DateTime 501
Invalid_Email 502
Invalid_SendType 503
Invalid_Template 504
Invalid_TrackingOptions 505
Invalid_Options 506
Invalid_Folder 507
Invalid_URL 508
Invalid_Phone 509
//550: Generic Unknown Errors
Module_Unknown 550
MonthlyPlan_Unknown 551
Order_TypeUnknown 552
Invalid_PagingLimit 553
Invalid_PagingStart 554
Max_Size_Reached 555