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Send email and sms campaigns from one account. Create quick email-messages with templates or create your custom <html>.


Add subscribers and map their data fields easy. We will automatically restore the full international format of mobile numbers and store additional subscriber data for personalization.


Use templates from our library to create campaigns. Choose one you like, apply styles, upload pictures, add content and you’re ready to send good loking message!


Get more from relations with your customers discovering their interests, geography, mobile devices and apps they use to read news. Evaluate content and layout of your messages


Quickly deliver notifications (transactional messages) from your site or application, without software development and mail infrastructure.


Import subscribers from your site & apps immediately, create, send email and sms campaigns and notifications, get analytics with FEEDGEE API.

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Free for 3000 subscribers!

  • FEEDGEE Email and SMS Marketing Tools

    Email campaign, sms campaign, email and SMS notification of site and application - tasks that service FEEDGEE helps to solve for site owners, platforms eCommerce and іnternet businesses.

    On the registration and confirmation FEEDGEE-account you need only a few minutes. Immediately after registration you can create and send email and SMS marketing campaigns, notifications and reminders for your customers. See FEEDGEE features list.

    SMS Campaigns and Notifications

    The fastest way to deliver short messages with a high level of read is still SMS campaigns. Preparing and sending short text messages (SMS) takes a minimum of time and as a result of the small time investment will help you to inform the maximum number of customers.

    Preparing and sending a campaign takes a few minutes - it's enough to upload a list of subscribers and come up with the text of SMS. After sending the SMS campaign, you also can look on the reaction of what number of clients you can expect in the future, and what mobile numbers are no longer valid and exclude them from the mail list.

    Using SMS notifications is easy to awaken interest in new products and hot offers at once and for large audience. SMS notifications is good use in conducting stock, sales, interviews, lotteries and other events and promotional cycles, that beginning or ending in particular dates. Read about our SMS features.

    SMS Notifications

    SMS notification (transactional SMS) - it is a good way to remind customers about the need to take advantage of already paid services -inform about the start of the webinar, about the concert that coming soon or flights the ticket on which were purchased earlier to raise satisfaction of service and motivate repeat purchases and recommend it for friends. The function of sending SMS notifications can be used via the API, so that these messages can be sent to by your sites and applications. Read how to send your site or app SMS notifications.

    Email Marketing Campaigns

    To start sending email campaigns, will be enough to download contacts, create a message based on an appropriate template with editable blocks or your own html.

    To deliver email campaign to Inbox reliably and quickly , you must use for the registration address in domain of your own website.

    Using the email address in your domain will help fulfill the basic requirement of global mail services (Gmail,, Yandex, Yahoo, Hotmail, and the others) and the rules of corporate email servers for the delivery of mass email messages - authorization campaigns from name of your site. Read about email marketing features.

    Reliable Ibox Delivery

    To complete the requirements in your FEEDGEE account you will find SPF and DKIM setting for DNS of your domain that will ensure the full authorization of your messages and trust to you as the sender from the side of the email services. Setup of these settings takes no more than 10 minutes, but the helps to users of email services to provide the expected effect of the campaigns. Read about adding SPF and DKIM authorization to your domain.

    Email Notifications

    The function of email notification (transactional email message) will help to your sites and applications to deliver messages about changing the status of an order, confirmation of receipt of payment, not paid cart and other valuable personal notification that will help to you improve the efficiency of work with customer. Sending of transactional email notification made through the API. Read how to send transactional messages from your site and application.